Town of Pittsfield, Maine

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Resources for our New Businesses

Many resources are available for new businesses and for those who are interested in a new business.  Please contact Kathryn Ruth, Town Manager at 487-3136 or e-mail  for assistance.  A very short description of what you are interested in is very helpful along with areas of the town of interest for your business, if applicable.  If you do not have any specific areas of interest, we will find some locations for you.  The Town also offers many opportunities for people to work in their home and actively promotes home occupations and residence type businesses.

We have many partners who assist with business counseling and planning as well as other services.  All of these resources and services are free.  As there is such a myriad of resources, it will save you time and energy if we talk with you briefly first so that we can point you in the right direction! 

The Town is certified business friendly so we have a Governor's Account Executive available to us to assist you with your new business as well as business counseling and business planning resources.  The State of Maine also provides a resource site for state permitting and resources which is available at Business Answers

Pittsfield is a great community with a wonderful quality of life so we hope that you can join us today or in the near future!

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