We hope this information is helpful as you prepare to use Town Services.  We will be happy to address any other questions you may have regarding these or any other services.


 Town Information

Pittsfield Municipal Building Hours:

Monday – Thursday 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Closed on Fridays

Physical Address of the Town Office:

Pittsfield Town Office
112 Somerset Avenue
Pittsfield, Maine 04967

Town Office Main Telephone Number:

Town Office Fax Number: 

Town Emergency Telephone Numbers:

Emergency Calls:

Fire: 911
Ambulance:  911
Police:  911

Non-Emergency Calls:

Fire:     487-3101
Ambulance (Sebasticook Valley Hospital):  487-5141
Police:  487-3101


 Recycling and Transfer Station

Recycling and Transfer Station Hours of Operation:


Monday:  Closed
Tuesday:  8:00 am - 6:00 pm
Wednesday:  8:00 am - 6:00 pm
Thursday:  8:00 am - 6:00 pm
Friday:  8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Saturday:  8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sunday:  Closed

Recycling and Transfer Station Stickers:

Vehicle stickers must be displayed for entrance to the Recycling and Transfer Station and can be purchased for $1.00 each at the Town Office by residents and businesses of Pittsfield by showing your Maine car/truck registration.  If you had a dump sticker last year, you can go to the Transfer Station and get a new sticker for free by turning in your old one.

Informational handouts are available on this web site, at the Town Office and the Recycling and Transfer Station.


Recycling and Transfer Station:  487-3361


Town Council Meetings:

Are usually held the first and third Tuesdays of each month at 6:30 pm in the Pittsfield Municipal Building Council Chambers  Meetings are broadcast and can be viewed live or later at the following link: Town Hall Streams- Pittsfield Maine

Planning Board Meetings:

Are usually held on the second Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Pittsfield Municipal Building Council Chambers. They are also streamed live and can be viewed at the above link. 

Other Board and Committee Meetings:

Are held as needed.  Please see the Town Website for agenda postings or the Town Clerk’s Meeting Calendar at the Town Office.

Serving on Boards or Committees or working on Projects: 

We invite you to serve on one of the Town’s boards, committees or become involved in one of our projects.


Town Office:  487-3136

 Holiday Schedule

The Town Offices are closed on the following days in observance of:

New Years Day

Martin Luther King Day

Patriots Day

Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day

Indigenous Peoples' Day

Veterans Day

Thanksgiving Day

Floating Holiday determined yearly

Christmas Day

The Pittsfield Transfer Station will be closed on the same holidays as the Town office.


 Property Taxes and Property Tax Information

Real Estate & Personal Property:

Taxes can be paid in full upon receipt of the bill or as part of our Taxpayer’s Club.  The due date for taxes is generally the 2nd Friday of October.

Interest is charged on the unpaid balance after those dates.  Please include your bill stub or account number with your payment to assure proper credit to your account. If you would like us to send you a receipt, please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

We welcome partial payments on all accounts after receipt of your bill.


Town Office:  487-3136

If we are unable to come to the phone or closed, please leave a message on the main telephone number.

 Boat Registration

Please bring bill of sale and Maine registration numbers (if already on boat and previously registered in Maine by prior owner). State sales tax on purchase price will be collected on private sale. Dealerships collect sales tax at time of purchase.

* A lake protection sticker is required if the boat is used in fresh waters. cost $10.00 Resident, $20.00 Non-Resident 


Excise is computed on boat's age, length, and engine horsepower. The Inland Fisheries fees are now also based on the horsepower of the motor. ALL BOAT REGISTRATIONS EXPIRE ON DEC. 31. 

Town Office:  487-3136

 Dog License


Please bring your dog's current MAINE rabies certificate. Also, bring dog's spay or neutering certificate.


Renewals are due in December of each year; renewals after February 1 have a state-mandated $25.00 penalty assessed for late payment.


Town Office:  487-3136

 Notary Service

Notary service is available to town residents at no charge. Please bring a government issued picture ID with your town address on it. If you do not have one with your town address on it, then bring one with a different address and an official piece  of mail such as utility bill or bank statement to identify your new town address. Do not sign the document until you are here in front of one of our Notaries.

For more information call: 487-3136.

 Hunting & Fishing License

Please be ready to supply your driver's license for proof of State residency.


Must bring evidence of a previous hunting (or archery) license OR a Safe Hunter's Card.


Town Office:  487-3136

 Marriage License


If both parties reside in Maine, the license must be issued from the municipality in which at least one of them resides.

If one party resides in Maine but the other resides outside the State of Maine, the license must be issued from the resident municipality.

If both parties to a marriage reside outside the state of Maine, they can have the license issued from any municipal office in Maine and they are free to marry anywhere within the state of Maine.


Also note that if it is not your first marriage, the Town needs to see CERTIFIED COPIES of either a Death Certificate or Divorce Judgment. These certified copies will be returned to you.

The Intention of Marriage application fee is Forty Dollars ($40.00) made payable to the Town of Pittsfield.  The license to marry will be valid for 90 days from the date the Town receives the application.

Both individuals need to sign the Original Marriage License in front of a Clerk at the Town Office. The Town Office is open Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

After your marriage, the original license will be returned to the Town Office and recorded. You may then request a certified copy for your records. The certified fees are $15.00 for the first copy and $6.00 for each additional copy.


Town Clerk:  487-3136

 Vehicle Excise Tax and Registration


Payment of an excise tax is required on all vehicles in the town of residence BEFORE registration. (WE ARE UNABLE TO QUOTE EXCISE TAX FIGURES OVER THE TELEPHONE.)

Vehicle registrations are now done electronically. In order to re-register your vehicle, we need the previous registration, proof of insurance and current mileage. We can process limited new registrations. This applies if the vehicle has been purchased from a Maine licensed dealer. Please bring the following:

Receipt showing Sales tax paid 
Blue copy of title application 
Previous registration of vehicle traded or sold which plates are being transferred
Proof of insurance
Current mileage

If a NEW car, it is MANDATORY to have the Monroney Label or window sticker. This became law on September 19, 1997.

If you can not get into the Town Office or are out of state when you registration comes due, registration renewals can be processed through the mail unless they are commercial registrations.

Also please do not forget to check your inspection sticker each year.


In addition to renewals, we also process registrations for new ATV's and snowmobiles. The State will follow up with permanent paperwork and tags.

A bill of sale is needed, and a 5.5% sales tax on the purchase price will be collected on private sales (dealerships collect sales tax at time of purchase.)


TOWN OFFICE:  487-3136

 Voter Registration


New or current Pittsfield residents can register to vote any time in the Town Office, as well as on election days.

Proof of residency is required at the time of registration.


Town Office: 487-3136:

 Water and Sewer Payments


Bills are sent out quarterly to the property owners or tenants, depending who has signed with the Town for the service.  Please have your bill stub(s) or your account numbers(s) with you when payments are made to ensure proper credit to your accounts (s). If you would like us to send you a receipt, please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope. 


Town Office: 487-3136