Pittsfield Quality of Life

Pittsfield Maine has long been a commercial and industrial center in central Maine.  From its history as a mill town, the community has evolved into a diversified industrial center with church vestments manufacturing, engineering and construction firms, wood products manufacturing, applied value wood products and much more.  With its Town Center, Highway Commercial District, Corridor Development Overlay District, Medical Services Overlay District and Airport Overlay District, Pittsfield is a dynamic community providing extensive economic development opportunities.

Pittsfield offers many new business opportunities through its industrial park located next to the Pan Am rail line and Exit 150 off I-95.  The Pittsfield Industrial Park Expansion is a 28-acre development located directly beside the Industrial Park offering six (6) new Industrial Park lots just .2 miles from I-95. 

Sebasticook Valley Health provides health care for the region with a modern hospital and a broad range of services through its newly expanded hospital, Outpatient and Women’s Health Center, Rehabilitation Center, Work Health and Specialty Services.

Pittsfield is a dynamic and flourishing community dedicated to the quality of life of its citizens.  Resources have been committed  to education, infrastructure, economic development, cultural and recreational activities.  Residents are able to enjoy the community’s many programs and activities.  Pittsfield is a full-service community providing all of the conveniences of a small city but within a beautiful country setting.  

As home to a diversified base of workers, the community offers a variety of activities and facilities for families and individuals.  It is a community of seven parks and sports facilities including the 40+ acre Manson Park, home of the now-historic Central Maine Egg Festival.  Hathorn Park was originally founded in 1920 as the community’s first park.  Located in the center of town, Hathorn Park features a traditional bandstand where concerts are held during the summer months and Legge’s Field, where Little League games have become legendary over the decades.  Stein Park located in the center of town is a showcase for the local garden club bordering the picturesque Mill Pond.  Pinnacle Park is home to the Pinnacle Ski Club, a group which promotes skiing and instruction for all ages.  Veterans’ Park in downtown Pittsfield is a beautiful tribute honoring the community’s veterans.  Fendler Park, the Town’s newest park lies along the Sebasticook River providing over two acres of beautiful views.  Remembrance Park is the community’s smallest park featuring plantings in the memory of loved ones.  Golfers pack the nine-hole course at J.W. Parks Golf Course.  Recreational enthusiasts and business executives utilize the busy Pittsfield Municipal Airport, which offers flight instruction, airplane maintenance, skydiving, light sport aircraft sales, airplane hangers and tie-downs.  Snowmobilers traverse the community in season and have access to a statewide trail system aided by the Pittsfield Driftbusters Snowmobile Club.  It is easy to see why we are well known as a family friendly community.

Pittsfield is unique as the only town of its size to own and operate a community movie theater showing first-run movies daily at reduced rates.  The Pittsfield Community Theatre is also available for special events, live shows, birthday parties and plays. 

Pittsfield is home to one of the oldest college preparatory schools in New England.  Founded in 1866, Maine Central Institute is a prominent part of the landscape with its traditional, ivy covered halls and tree-lined campus.  The school provides secondary education for the students of SAD 53 comprised of Burnham, Detroit and Pittsfield as well as a multicultural residential population from across the country and around the world.  The school is home to the Bossov School of Ballet which offers students unique opportunity to study classical ballet as part of the academic curriculum. 

The progressive attitudes of its earliest settlers remain in the community today with a forward-thinking town council form of government and a multitude of community-minded active business and civic organizations.