MSAD 53 Central Office

Pittsfield School System

Public education for Pittsfield residents is provided by School Administrative District (SAD) #53, which also serves the communities of Burnham and Detroit. The administrative offices are located at Warsaw Middle School on School Street. Schools owned and operated by the district are the Manson Park School (grades K-1), Vickery School (grades 2-4) and Warsaw Middle School (grades 5-8). The district also operates programs in special and adult education. The district is governed by an 11-member elected board of directors, with 2 representatives each from Detroit and Burnham and 7 from Pittsfield. In addition to the superintendent, administrators consist of the K-4 principal (overseeing three schools), Warsaw principal, special services director and adult and community education director. High school education is contracted to Maine Central Institute (MCI), a private secondary school located in Pittsfield.

The school system is an extremely high priority of Pittsfield residents. 

As stated in the Pittsfield Tomorrow vision, "the school system will be a central focus of community life, tied closely with positive youth programs, life-long involvement in learning and civic affairs, and affirmative community values."

This attitude is strongly reflected in the joint educational goal statement that was established by the SAD#53 Education Committee in cooperation with MCI's Curriculum Committee:

"The goal of the respective boards of MSAD#53 and MCI is to foster an environment in grades K-12 that creates an integrated educational experience reflective of the communities expectations. To achieve this goal, it is the responsibility of the greater MSAD/MCI educational community and its respective boards to establish and maintain a consistent and constant dialogue among boards, administrators, and teachers around instructional content, instructional strategies, co-curricular programs and other pertinent topics consistent with current research. The integration process should serve to make the curriculum a dynamic entity, foster an excitement for life-long learning, and create a unified school/community partnership which values active community participation and responsibility."