The Cemetery Sexton Peter Snow works seasonally from May through October each year maintaining the Town's several cemeteries.  To reach the Cemetery Sexton call 416-2819 directly or leave a message at the Town Office at 487-3136.

A restoration project for the several cemeteries in Pittsfield authorized and funded by Town Manager Ruth and the Council was started in the 2005 season. The Carr Cemetery south of town on Rt. 100 was the first of the Pittsfield cemeteries to be worked in.


In the process of straightening, repairing, cleaning and checking for records, the poorly marked graves of two Revolutionary War veterans from Pittsfield were identified. Further research and correspondence with the U.S. Department of Veterans’ Affairs has resulted in providing new markers for those graves. The markers are scheduled to be installed in the 2006 season. This will essentially complete the Carr Cemetery memorial restoration project.


This type of restoration work has been completed in the Powers Cemetery in 2009.


This restoration work is also currently being done in the Weymouth cemetery. We hope to have two markers for Revolutionary War veterans replaced by the US Department of Veteran's Affairs that have been damaged.


Restoration work is ongoing in the Carr Cemetery with tree removal being a focus.


Hopefully, residents and visitors will take time to wander through these old cemeteries and “visit” with the many original founders and settlers of Pittsfield.


Funding permitting, efforts are being made to deal with the roadways, particularly in the Village Cemetery. Recent seasons of heavy rain and wet conditions have caused erosion and settling of gravel beds.


The final development for cemetery lots in the southwestern area of the cemetery is on schedule. Several lots were available for use in 2005.


A codification of the cemetery rules was completed in 2004 and copies are now available at the cemetery on Peltoma Avenue and from the Sexton. Hopefully digests of these rules will soon be available for a future new webpage. Some limited genealogical services may also become available. Use will determine the extent these services are available.