Town Manager

Jacob R. Gran, Town Manager

207-487-3136 ext. 227



The Town Manager serves as the administrator of the Town and is responsible for coordinating day-to-day operations and administration.  As the chief executive officer of the Town, the Town Manager executes and implements public policy as set by the Town Council.  The Town Manager appoints a staff of department heads to help manage the Town’s many varied services. 


Some of the specific tasks of the Town Manager’s Office are:


1. Directs and supervises the administration of Town departments, offices, and agencies.


 2. Responsible for all aspects of the Town’s finances, investments, and operations


3. Prepares, submits, and administers the Town's operating and capital budget.


4. Oversees the preparation and submission of the external audit.


5. Advises and informs the Town Council on matters of Town business.


6. Provides reports to the Town Council, including the Town Manager’s Bi-Weekly Reports


7. Serves as Treasurer, Tax Collector, General Assistance Administrator, Purchasing Agent, and Economic Developer


8. Recommends cost savings measures, new programs and expansions of existing programs including revisions for more effectiveness.


9.  Represents the Town on boards, at civic, educational, and charitable functions.


10. Represents the Town before the media and press


11. Prepares proposals and specifications for major Town purchases as well as contracts and  other documents.


12. Increases public awareness, interest, understanding and participation in Town issues, programs and  services through a public information program.


13.  Accepts positive innovations from the citizens of Pittsfield to make the community an even better place to live.  If you have any ideas or suggestions  for enhancements, please call.


As a service center community with many attractions, Pittsfield is a busy community.  Over the years, we have remained one of the most community-orientated towns in Central Maine while providing expansive development opportunities. 


Our community attractions are many:


 1.    A commitment to education through a small school environment;

 2.    Home of Maine Central Institute (MCI), a well-known private secondary school that serves as the Town's high school.

 3.    Historic Pittsfield Public Library housed in an original  Andrew Carnegie building.

 4.    Home of the nationally known Bossov Ballet Theatre.

 5.    The only municipally owned theater in the State - Pittsfield  Community Theatre.

 6.    Churches of many denominations.

 7.    Retail shopping including a food chain, discount stores and a variety of shops and service-oriented businesses.

 8.    Home of the region's Sebasticook Valley Hospital.

 9.    Steadily expanding health care services and providers.

10.   Extensive park facilities including the 45 acre in-town Manson Park.

11.   Numerous areas for enjoyment and views of the Sebasticook  River.

12.   Many recreational facilities including a public swimming pool.

13.   An extensive Farmer's Market drawing businesses across the area.

14.   The Pinnacle - Winter Skiing facility.

15.   A 9-hole golf course - J.W. Parks Golf  Course. 

16.   Amazing opportunities for pedestrian travel along well-designed routes; and so much more!


Our community has many projects underway.  Please click on the links below to learn about some of our current projects and recent accomplishments.