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Town Charter and Town Codes


Notice to Users:

This area contains the Town Charter and Town Codes as of 06/19/2019.  For total accuracy the user should inquire with the Town Clerk as to any ordinances not included or for any updates that may not be posted as they were after 06/19/2019. The Town's official ordinance book is available at the Town Clerk's Office at the Municipal Building.  The Town Clerk can be reached at 487-3136.


Town Charter and Town Codes 06192019

Tax Commitment Information

In this section please find the Town's property tax maps and the Town's latest Tax Commitment Book listing property owners.


Public Notices

The Public Notices section is where you will find information on Community Events, Grant awards, RFPs, Bids & Sales, Committee and Board Agendas and Minutes, the Planning Board Agendas and Minutes and the Town Council Agenda and Minutes for each meeting. You can also find an Agenda and Minutes as well as a link to the video for that meeting on our Events Calendar.


Budget Documents

2023 Budget Documents:

Please find attached the following documents:  Budget Calendar; Municipal Operating and Capital Budget.; Expense Budget TRIO; and Revenue Budget TRIO to begin with on October 14, 2022.  For each workshop and/or meeting involving the budget, a package will be posted to this budget section under the Documents.  If you would like any documents or have any questions, please contact Kathryn at the Pittsfield Town Office at 487-3136 or   The approved 2023 budget is the first file under Documents.


2022 Budget Documents

Please find attached the following documents:  Entire Municipal Operating and Capital Budget; Town Manager's Explanation Letter.

All other budget documents are available at the Town Office in packages.  Entire budget books are available for pickup.


NEW NOTICE:  Now that we can use the PDF again, the entire Budget Book is under 2022 Budget.pdf under Document.  If you have any questions, please contact Kathryn at 487-3136 at the Town Office.


2021 Budget Documents

12/01/2020 is an additional Budget Session if needed.

We have added this Budget Workshop to the Council Meeting Tuesday evening, 12/01/2020.  There will be a Budget Workshop Directly after the Town Council Meeting

2021 Budget Process


-Outstanding Items



-Discussion on Operating Budget to date

-Discussion on Capital Budget to date

-Discussion on Water and Sewer Enterprise Accounts to date



While the 2021 Budget Process officially begins on Tuesday, 10/27/2020 at the first Town Council Budget Workshop at 6:30 pm, the actual work began many months ago when department heads and the Town Manager started reviews of the current 2020 budget and compiled their 2021 budget requests.

Below is the schedule for 2020:

10/27/2020            Finance Committee Meeting, time revised to 6:00 pm

10/27/2020            First Town Council Workshop


                                      Review of overall expenditure budget

                                      Review of revenue budget

                                      Review of capital budget

                             Council & Administrative Budgets:



                                      -Town Clerk





11/04/2020            Workshop after Regular Town Council Meeting:

                                       -Municipal Building

                                      -Community & Ec Development


                                      -Codes and Building Inspection



                                      -General Assistance

                                      -Unclassified Expenditures                          

 11/10/2020            Finance Committee Meeting.

 11/10/2020            Town Council Workshop:

                                      -Capital Expenditures

                                      -Debt Service

                                      -Additional Requests

 11/17/2020            Set public hearing on the annual budget and capital budget for the Regular Council Meeting on 12/15/2020.     

                             NOTE:  items not yet reviewed for the 11/24/2020 Workshop have been moved to the 11/17/2020 Meeting.            

11/24/2020            Town Council Workshop:  (Cancelled)

                                      -Communications           -Animal Control

                                      -Police Department        -Public Works (Highway)

                                      -Fire Department            -Buildings and Grounds

                                      -Streetlights                    -Cemeteries                            

By 11/30/2020       Notification of the public hearing on the budget with a general summary printed in the newspaper.

12/01/2020            Additional Town Council Workshop available (if needed). 

12/08/2020            Finance Committee Meeting (if needed).         

12/15/2020            Public Hearing held on annual budget and capital budget as part of Regular Council Meeting. 

12/15/2020            After review and/or amendment, budget is approved.                             

12/21 –

12/31/2020            Compile and print Final Municipal Budget. 

12/31/2020            Final Municipal Budget Available.




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