Marriage Intentions

Marriage Licenses and How to Obtain Them

Pittsfield's Clerk’s office will issue Marriage Licenses by appointment only


* Please schedule your appointment 3-4 weeks prior to your wedding date to ensure there are no schedule conflicts with appointment availability, elections, or vacations.

* Please note: the Town issues marriage licenses, but does not perform wedding ceremonies. 






    • When filling out the form use BLACK INK ONLY; legible; complete in advance of appointment, you must wait to sign until in the presence of the Municipal Clerk or sign in front of a notary.  Watch for county vs country.    
    • Names of both applicants' parents; including both mothers' maiden names, middle names (for all), and all parents' state/providence & country of birth. 
    • Social Security Numbers
  • Valid Government Issued Picture ID: Maine Driver's License/State ID Card, Passport, etc.
  • If last marriage ended in divorce we will need a court certified divorce decree: of most recent divorce for each applicant (must have raised seal of originating court), observing 21 day wait period (or provide certified court waiver). If last marriage ended in death we will need a certified copy of the death certificate.
  • Proof of Residency: (street address) If not on driver's license; current vehicle registration, current utility bill, current bank statement, current paystub, current state correspondence, other current official documentation denoting street residence. 
  • BOTH applicants must appear to sign in presence of the Municipal Clerk (exceptions: incarceration/imminent death)
  • Must be at least 18 years of age: If under 18; see requirements for parental consent/Judge of Probate
  • Fees:  Marriage License: $40  
  • License is valid for 90 days from date of issuance.


Where do I obtain a Marriage License 

  1. If both members of the couple are residents of the same Town, a marriage license must be obtained in the Town where both of them live. After obtaining a marriage license, the couple are free to marry anywhere within the State of Maine.
  2. If one person resides in one Town, and the other person in another, a marriage license may be obtained from either Town, but not both. Choose where it is most convenient to obtain a certified copy of the marriage at a later date. After obtaining a license, the couple are free to marry anywhere within the State of Maine.
  3. If one person resides in the State of Maine, and the other person outside the State, then a marriage license must be obtained in the Town where the Maine resident lives if they intend to be married in the State of Maine. After obtaining a marriage license, the couple are free to marry anywhere within the State of Maine.
  4. If both the members of the couple live outside the State of Maine, a marriage license can be obtained in any Town in the State of Maine. After obtaining a license, the couple are free to marry anywhere within the State of Maine. It is strongly suggested that the marriage license is obtained in the Town where the marriage will take place so that it will be easy to remember where to apply for a marriage certificate at a later date.
  5. When the Municipal Clerk completes the marriage license, the couple will be given the license needed to be married.
  6. The officiant, the person performing the wedding ceremony (pastor, notary public, etc.), is person is responsible for filling out the ceremony section of the marriage license and obtaining two witness signatures. The officiant is solely responsible for mailing or delivering the marriage license back to the issuing Municipal Clerk within 7 days of the wedding ceremony.  


Certified Copies of Marriage Licenses:

Once the wedding ceremony is complete, and the Municipal Clerk receives the marriage license back at the Town Office, the Municipal Clerk uploads the information and scans the license into the State's system. After the license is recorded, the couple may come in or call to obtain Certified Copies of the Marriage License from the Office of the Municipal Clerk.  

A Certified Copy of a Marriage License is needed for a name change on a driver's license, passport, bank account, social security card, etc.

Please note that the Municipal Clerk does not automatically mail the certificate of marriage. It is the couple's responsibility to appear before the Municipal Clerk to fill out an application and pay the fee to obtain the marriage certificate.  

Proof of identity must be presented to the Municipal Clerk.  A brief application for securing a copy of the vital record must be filled out and presented, along with positive identification such as a driver's license, passport, or other government issued picture identification that clearly shows that the person requesting the record is who they say they are.  Identification requirements apply whether the records are requested in person or by mail.

The fee for obtaining a certified copy of a marriage certificate is $15.00 for the first copy of the record, and $6.00 for each additional copy of the same record purchased at the same time. Certified copies may be obtained at the Municipal Clerk's Office during regular business hours.