1. What size is the Frying Pan and how much does it weigh?
The frying pan is 10 feet in diameter and weighs over 300 pounds.


2. Who made the frying pan?
Made by ALCOA, coated with Teflon by Dupont of New Jersey, it came to the Egg Festival on August 10, 1973.


3. How is it heated?
It is heated by gas on its own specially designed burners designed by
Mainegas of Pittsfield, Maine in 1973.


4.Where can trophies of the past largest egg winners be found?
The largest egg contest has not been held in a couple of years for various reasons. The former winners can be seen at the Pittsfield Historical Society's Depot House Museum on Central Street in Pittsfield, Maine (near railroad tracks) during regular business hours.