Library Trustees

Current Trustees:                         D. Jeanne Boisvert                      12/31/2023
                                                          Desiree Jester                              12/31/2027
                                                          Karen Oakes                                 12/31/2025
                                                          Suzanne Leibowitz                      12/31/2024
                                                          Donna Laux                                  12/31/2026
The Library Trustees are composed of five members who are residents.  Members are appointed by the town council for five year terms and may not hold more than two consecutive terms.
The Trustees shall approve and make revisions in the annual budget of the library as prepared and submitted to the board by the librarian, and upon board approval, the budget shall be submitted to the town manager.
The privilege of borrowing library materials may be revoked for cause upon review by the trustees.