Board of Appeals

Current Board:           J. Michael Braley                    12/31/2023
                                       David Quint                             12/31/2026
                                       Robert Engelhardt                  12/31/2025
                                       Alan Dunphy                            12/31/2024
                                       David Reynolds                        12/31/2026
                                       Andi Vigue                                 12/31/2025
The Board of Appeals is composed of seven members and one associate member. Members are appointed by the town council for five year terms and the associate member is appointed for a three year term.
The Board of Appeals shall act as the zoning board of appeals and have the powers and duties as prescribed by the State of Maine for such boards. In addition, the Board of Appeals shall have the jurisdiction to hear appeals that may arise under any other regulatory ordinance enacted by the town which provides therein for such appeals.  An appeal from a Board of Appeals decision may be taken to the Superior Court.