Economic Development Committee

Current Committee:                          Michael Gray

                                                               Andi Vigue

                                                               Gerald Vinci

                                                                Robert Stackhouse

                                                                Simone Engelhardt

                                                                Michael Lynch



The Economic Development Committee Team is composed of 7 Pittsfield Voters. Team members are appointed by the Town Council for 3 year terms.

The duties of the Economic Development Committee Team shall include, but not necessarily be limited to, the following: 

1. To establish a regular meeting schedule to address economic development activities.

2. To create an Economic Development Action Plan for consideration by the Town Council on a yearly basis.  This will be a results orientated program of strategies and tasks which focus the resources of the Town on the economic betterment of the community and enhancement of the quality of life.

3. To be available to assist the Town Manager with promotion of the community and businesses; business visits, putting together financing options for businesses, compiling grant applications; and other activities which develop during the year.

4. To be available to assist the Town Manager in the promotion and expansion of participation in economic development efforts with the local business community and with the community as a whole.

5. To be available to assist the Town Manager in promoting the Town's interests with regional and state economic development agencies and entities.

6. To designate a subcommittee to administer the Economic Development Revolving Loan Fund.  The subcommittee shall be called the Revolving Loan Fund Committee.  The Committee shall follow the Economic Development Revolving Loan Fund Management Plan.  The subcommittee shall meet as needed based upon the receipt of loan applications.  A member of the subcommittee shall report back to the full committee on the loans approved or denied.