Parks and Recreation Committee

Current Committee:                       Benjamin Hall                         12/31/2023
                                                            Lindsay Holmstrom               12/31/2023
                                                            Jeremy Fehnel                         12/31/2023
                                                            Sarah DiMartino                      12/31/2024
                                                            Elizabeth Ross                          12/31/2023
                                                            Jessica Libby                             12/31/2023
The Parks and Recreation Committee is composed of five members who are residents.  Members are appointed by the town council for five year terms.
There shall be a Parks and Recreation Committee, which shall have the responsibility for supervision, administration, maintenance, and improvement of Mary Ann Lancey Manson Park and Hathorn Park, and shall act in an advisory capacity to the Recreation Director.
Duties Include:
Assist the Town Manager with oversight of the Recreation Director position, including but not limited to reviewing, maintaining and liaising on day-to-day recreational issues.
Work with the Recreation Director to develop and maintain recreational programming offerings (not limited to just sports).
Work with the Recreation Director on program content, scheduling, logistics, fees and similar items.
Support the Recreation Director in liaising with MSAD #53, Maine central Institute and other third parties on programming, facility/grounds usage, scheduling ad other related items.
Work with the Recreation Director with development and maintenance of Town Recreation Program communication standards and tools (including any web page, social media page, mobile application, shared calendar, or other communication technology).
Support the Recreation Director as needed concerning any conflicts in programming or community participation (including but not limited to items related to coaching, facilities, or participant/parent/family items of concern). 
Promote recreational swimming and water safety.
Promote the provision of a healthy and safe swimming facility.
Assist in developing and/or revising procedures that promote standards for safe, quality programming and facility use such as usage, scheduling, fees, etc.
Make recommendations to the Parks and Recreation Committee to bring to the Town Council and Town Manager for needed capital improvements.
Assist in seeking funding sources for capital expenditures from local, state, and federal organizations.