Planning Board

Current Board:              Simone Engelhardt                    12/31/2023
                                          Thomas D. Cote                          12/31/2023
                                          Gerald Vinci                                 
                                          Cory Verrill                                 12/31/2025
                                          Brent Newhouse                        12/31/2023
                                          Walter Fletcher III                    12/31/2025
                                          Mark LaGross                             12/31/2024
The Planning Board shall consist of seven (7) regular members, with the term of office being four (4) years. Initial appointments for regular members shall be two (2) for four years; two (2) for three years; two (2) for two years, and one (1) for one year. Vacancies caused by resignation, death, or similar reason shall be filled by appointment of a citizen by the Council to complete the unexpired term. There shall also be two (2) associate members. The appointment of the associate members shall be for three years. When a regular member is unable to act because of interest, physical incapacity, or absence for any other reason, the associate member shall serve in his/her stead in accordance with the written policy adopted by the Planning Board.
The Planning Board meets the 2nd Monday of the month at 7:00 PM via Zoom.  Zoom information for the meetings are on the agenda for each meeting. The meetings are televised and can be viewed during the meetings and after here.