Town Council

Current Council: Jason Hall                           Mayor                 District 2                                  12/31/2026                               
                                Ron Jester                          Deputy Mayor   District 1                         12/31/2024
                                 Natalia Hall                                                     At Large                        12/31/2026
                                 Heather J Donahue                                       At Large               12/31/2025
                                 Howard R. Margolskee                                 District 3                    12/31/2025
                                 Eric Saucier                                                     District   12/31/2024
The Town Council meets the first and third Tuesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. in the council chambers on the first floor of the town office building. The meetings are live and can be viewed during the meetings and after here.
The agendas are available on the calendar of events. 
The public is encouraged to attend town council meetings to bring issues, to be part of the discussions, and to learn how their government functions.