Airport Committee

Current Committee:           David Ross                                                   12/31/2024

                                                Mark Cochrane                                           12/31/2025

                                                Caleb Curtis (FBO)                                      Indefinite






The Airport Committee is composed of seven members. One must be a town council member and one must be a non-user of the airport. Members are appointed by the town council for three year terms.

Duties of the Committee shall include, but not be necessarily limited to the following: 

1. As necessary, oversee preparation and updating of a master plan for the development of the Airport and present it to the Council for approval. 

2. Promote the orderly growth and development of the Airport and its facilities. 

3. Promote general aviation. 

4. Make recommendations to the Town Council and Town Manager for needed capital improvements at the Airport in order of their perceived priority. 

5. Assist in the preparation of funding requests for capital expenditures from such sources as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and the Maine Department of Transportation, Bureau of Aeronautics (MDOT, BOA). 

6. Keep the Town Manager informed as to any general maintenance required at the facility. 

7. Administer all development approved by the Council and make recommendations about needed maintenance. 

8. Meet, at least annually, with the fixed base operator(s) for purposes of information exchange; coordination of efforts; promoting cooperation and resolving any misunderstandings, dissatisfactions, or problems so as to improve the overall quality and level of available services and maintenance of the Airport. 

9.  Report to the council at least annually on all progress in development and/or maintenance of the airport.