Board of Ethics

Current Board:                Mike Gray                                   12/31/2023
                                            J. Michael Braley                      12/31/2024
                                            Robert Stackhouse                    12/31/2025
The Board of Ethics is composed of five members.  Members are appointed by the town council for three year terms. They must reside in Pittsfield and can hold only two consecutive terms.
The Board shall render advisory opinions to the town council when there is doubt as to the applicability of any provisions of the CHAPTER 2, ADMINISTRATIVE CODE, DIVISION 4. or CODE OF ETHICS to any particular situation. In the performance of its duties, the Board shall limit its review and fact-finding only to those issues referred to it involving alleged or potential conflict of interest on the part of town councilors, board or committee members in the performance of their official duties with respect to deliberation and voting on agenda items before their respective bodies.  The board shall also perform such other duties as may be prescribed from time to time by the town council.