Recycling Committee

Current Committee:               Paul Faria                      12/31/2023
                                                    Christine Faria             12/31/2024
                                                    Ellen Cihiwsky             12/31/2025
                                                    Eric Glencross              12/31/2026
The Recycling Committee is composed of seven members with one being a council member.  Members are appointed by the town council for three year terms.
The purpose of the recycling committee is to gather and disseminate information concerning recycling activities and act as a liaison between town government and the residents of Pittsfield. The Recycling Committee may act as a sounding board for ideas concerning recycling in Pittsfield, assist in formulating a town-wide recycling program, and report to the town council about recycling activities.  The Committee may assist with the creation, distribution, and understanding of recycling literature and information; assist with distribution of recycling containers or otherwise provide overall assistance in starting up a curbside recycling program; wherever possible, utilize the resources of SAD 53 for informing households in Pittsfield with school-age children about recycling activities; and relay to town officials residents' recycling problems or notify residents of the town's recycling efforts.