Remembrance Park

Remembrance Park is a small pocket park located on the Sebasticook River at the junction of North Main and Sebasticook Street. This park offers benches and a picnic table on a well-kept lawn with a lovely view of the river. The park was established in 1985 to replace a dilapidated structure that was removed with the assistance of federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds during the Town's Washington Street neighborhood revitalization project.

Vaughn Woodruff worked with the Town to implement the park design that he had planned as a service project for advancement to Eagle Scout. He and fellow Boy Scouts later prepared and seeded the land for the park.

On October 7, 2003, the Town Council formally named the park "Remembrance Park" with an Ordinance noting that it is so designated with the intent that it become a special place where warm remembrances for lost loved ones may be honored by donated memorial plantings. The first memorial planting was held in the park on Arbor Day, May 24, 2003 and the following poem was read:


"We feel the rain upon our face and we shall remember them.

We heard the loon with its plaintive call and we shall remember them.

We see the lush green of spring and we shall remember them.

We feel the specialness of this place and we shall remember them."