Somerset Plaza

Property Specifics: Original Construction in 1979, Renovated in 1999
                                Brick and block steel frame
                                Extensive parking available with over 400 spots
                                Development potential directly behind the current facility

Traffic Data: Counts from 2005 I-95 Interchange next to the plaza
                     I-95 South bound N/O On Ramp from Somerset Avenue: 
                                                                                                          7,880 trips per day
                     I-95 South bound N/O Off Ramp to Somerset Avenue:
                                                                                                          7,760 trips per day
                     I-95 North bound N/O Off Ramp to Somerset Avenue:
                                                                                                          7,200 trips per day
                     I-95 North bound N/O On Ramp from Somerset Avenue:
                                                                                                          7,870 trips per day
                     Total Daily Trips on Somerset Avenue :         
                                                                                                         30,710 trips per day

Following facilities present at plaza to enhance traffic flow:
                     Shop 'N Save - Community Grocery Store 
                      The Dollar Store - Community Retail Store
                     Argo Marketing - Call Center
                      Bangor Savings - Full Service bank
                     CarQuest - Auto and Industrial Supply 
                      Subway - Restaurant 
                     Discount Warehouse - Community Retail Store 
        Additional Businesses include speciatly stores, doctors and professional offices

Future Traffic Flow:
               The Town is currently marketing a new 6 lot expansion to the Industrial Park
               across the street from the plaza as the Industrial Park is near capacity.