Depot Museum

The Pittsfield Depot Museum has been renovated, rededicated and is open for business. Come visit the museum for a view into Pittsfield's history with many exhibits and historic memorabilia.

We would like to thank the people who made this possible. Ron Watson is the Chair of the Historic Society and has put in countless hours on this and other projects. Tom Brown has been cataloguing the collection over the years and has been invaluable. Harold Sherwood and the Employees of Cianbro, who did most of the restoration to the building itself. Other contractors who worked on this project include: Katahdin Clapboard Co., Paint It Right Painters LLC, Dionne & Sons Builders, Bagla Window Works, Viking Lumber & Building Supplies, Environmental Safety Professionals, Creative Hardwood Floors, Davinci Signs LLC, Snowman's Construction, Hydro Grass Corp., Jordan Equipment, Ed Potter, S&G Construction, ABM Mechanical and Twin City Sheetmetal. All of the other many volunteers who have helped in this project.

If you would like to volunteer at the Depot Museum we would greatly appreciate your help. Exhibits are planned and will be created over the next couple of years. We will teach you all that you will need to know, so no experience is necessary. Please contact the Town Offices at 487-3136 for details and contact information.

 Depot Museum Hours of Operation:

Wednesday & Friday    9:00 am to 3:30 pm

Saturday                  10:00 am to 4:00 pm

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Pittsfield Then and Now

Pittsfield Then and Now is a book compiled by ex-Mayor Jane Woodruff with over 175 people who contributed their writing, their art and their photos to help provide a snapshot of Pittsfield as it is today in the context of its history It looks at the town and its people today 225 years after the first family made their way to settle on the shores of the Sebasticook River and 200 years since the town's incorporation. It looks not only at what was- its people, its traditions, and its landmarks-but what they are today

Currently, parts of the chapters of the book are displayed in the waiting room of the Depot. In the office section of the depot, a historical timeline based on Sanger Cook's book- "Pittsfield on the Sebasticook" - was made by Ron Rollins 6th grade students.

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All Aboard for the Tour!

PanAm Train Bicentennial Event

PanAm Railways was gracious enough to send us one of their antique trains to be toured on the day of the Pittsfield Bicentennial. The train was beautiful and showed what a luxury traveling by rail was. Click the title above to open the image gallery.

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