Picture from Manson Park
Picture from Manson Park

Cultural, recreational and fitness-oriented pursuits are high priorities for Pittsfield's residents.   This, however, is nothing new for this town. Past community leaders and benefactors have left a generous legacy of parks and recreational facilities that are unusual for a town of Pittsfield's size.

Prominent among these amenities are Pittsfield's five public parks: Manson Park, Hathorn Park, Stein Park, Pinnacle Park and Remembrance Park. These parks are well-utilized and appreciated by Pittsfield citizens of all ages. Stein and Hathorn Parks provide immediate green space around one of the town's elderly housing complexes. Members of the 1996-97 MCI Student Council, when asked what features of Pittsfield were most important to preserve for future generations, named Manson and Pinnacle Parks as Pittsfield's top two assets.

In 2006, the Town will have a sixth park available to the townspeople and region. The Town is currently developing a two acre park along Mill Pond off Sebasticook Street on land generously donated by the Fendler Family.  This new facility is being developed through the  generous donation of time, energies, and in-kind construction gifts which compliment a $50,000 Federal Land and Water Conservation Fund Grant that the Town received from the State Department of Conservation.  The basic park design was completed last year and now volunteers and staff are working on the landscaping plan.

Listed below is the Action Plan adopted in 2003 which became the impetus for the park being developed along Mill Pond.