Pinnacle Ski Club

Pittsfield is home to the region's very own ski mountain.  The facility is open in the winters, snow permitting. The facility is run by committed volunteers. 


W-F  6:00-8:00 PM for night skiing

Sat   Noon-4:00 PM

Sun  Noon-4:00 PM


Our address is:

271 Waverly St.

Pittsfield, ME 04967

We have a web site which will tell you when we are open and events at the Club. Please go to:

Pinnacle Ski Club


Pinnacle on Facebook


MEETINGS are held the first Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm at the Pinnacle Building.  All members are welcomed.              

President / Slope Manager - Ed Hodgins

For general information or to rent the building:

The Pinnacle Ski Club is a membership-based association whose objectives are to promote skiing and skiing instruction for adults and children, encourage friendship among skiers for the greater enjoyment of all phases of the sport, and to stimulate the solution of common problems such as those dealing with ski programs, techniques, and equipment. Other outdoor activities besides skiing may also be promoted by the Club if desired.

The Club operates a ski area, including a clubhouse, at Pinnacle Park.  An annual meeting is held in April, at which time a board is elected for the ensuing year.

Come join us for some Skiing fun!