Swimming Pool

The Town Pool

The Town of Pittsfield Paul E. Bertrand Community Pool Grand Opening Ceremony took place on June 13, 2009. 

The Town of Pittsfield and the Pittsfield Swimming Pool Committee were very pleased with the attendance at the grand opening. The celebration included thanking all the donors and contractors, tours of the facility and the Big Splash in which all the children and adults participated.


For well over 5 decades, tens of thousands of children learned to swim at the Community Pool. As a true community project, this new pool became a reality due to the amazing support and even more amazing number of donations that we received.


Updates from the Fundraising over the years:


The Pittsfield Swimming Pool Project was a grass-roots community-wide effort to benefit the children of Pittsfield, Burnham and Detroit.    The Swimming Pool Committee spearheaded a fundraising drive to replace and renovate the 1953 community swimming pool facilities.  The Committee was comprised of five volunteers appointed by the Town Council along with the Town Manager and Recreation Director who provide technical assistance for the project.  Thousands of children from Pittsfield, Burnham and Detroit have learned to swim at this facility over the years.  In October of 2007, the Town held a Demolition Party for the pool and the facilities were officially named after long-time community volunteer Paul E. Bertrand.  The fundraising goal for the project was $400,000.  With these funds, the new 50’ X 75’ swimming pool and decking was installed the summer of 2008.  The pool opened for swimming lessons on July 28, 2008 with a group of excited children.  As of October 15, 2008, the brand new bathhouse/restrooms neared completion and new security lighting had been installed.  Projects remaining at the site at that time included new security fencing, paving, an extended concrete deck, landscaping and the addition of a canopy & picnic tables.  Depending upon the amount of funds that can be raised, the Committee would like to add a Party/Activity Room with a snack bar for group activities and children’s pool parties in the future.   The Town held an Open House in early Summer, 2009 for tours of the new facility and to officially open the Paul E. Bertrand Community Swimming Pool In June, 2009.


Mission Statement:               

The mission of the Pittsfield Swimming Pool Committee is to provide a service to the community with instruction in a life-saving skill; provide an opportunity for all children to learn how to swim regardless of ability; and provide an opportunity for children to participate fully in the environment and recreational pursuits.



Committee and Project History:

Pittsfield’s pool facilities were built through community donations in 1953.  The facilities have served tens of thousands of children and adults over the last 54 years.  The town made major repairs to the facilities in the 1970’s.  At its peak, the facilities were the meeting place of the community with nearly every child learning how to swim.  Children used to come from miles around from many other communities to utilize the pool facilities. 


In 1983, the Pittsfield Town Council appointed the first Swimming Pool Committee tasked to inventory the pool facilities and recommend enhancements.  Over the years, the Committee volunteered its time and energies toward repairs and maintenance of the facilities.   In 2004, the Committee started work toward new pool facilities.  In July of 2007, a major campaign was initiated to replace the pool and renovate the entire pool facilities.



Project Purpose:


The purpose of the project is to replace and renovate the Community Swimming Pool. 


Past its lifespan, the pool is now cracked, leaking and requires extensive maintenance each year.   Designed in the 1950’s, the pool is not handicap accessible.  The pool facilities are severely deteriorated.  We are keeping the facilities operational as best as possible while we fundraise.  We do not know how much longer we can keep this aging infrastructure going.


The community pool facilities represent the only opportunity for swimming within the community and many of the surrounding towns.  Similar facilities do not exist in the community, including the school system.  The nearest location utilized by residents is the YMCA in Waterville (22 miles away) and the Dover-Foxcroft YMCA (36 miles away).  For most families, especially those on a limited income, this distance is too great to provide children with swimming lessons.  With the increase in gas prices, we see few families traveling distances to have their children learn how to swim.  When the community swimming pool facilities were in full operation, the site was heavily utilized.


As our community is located along the Sebasticook River and Mill Pond, learning to swim is considered a life-saving skill.   The ability to swim has afforded town residents and children the ability to actively engage in not only recreation and physical exercise but also to learn about the environment.  With recreational programming being conducted at locations along the river, the ability of children to swim is essential for involvement in sports.  The Town’s park system, comprised of several facilities known as the Mill Pond Loop, is becoming a natural classroom.  During the last three years, the Town has worked in conjunction with the school system to bring children into the parks on nature walks to learn about trees, wildlife and birdlife.  Many opportunities exist for the children to learn about and respect the environment.  Key to all of this is the ability to swim so that children can be brought into these natural assets and be allowed to actively explore nature.


The Pittsfield Swimming Pool Committee's objectives for this project were:


1. To provide a service to the community with instruction in a life-saving skill;

2. To provide an opportunity for all children to learn how to swim regardless of ability;

3. To provide a learning environment for both the child's mind and body;

4. To provide an opportunity for children to participate fully in the environment;

5. To provide an opportunity for children to participate fully in recreational pursuits; and

6. To provide an opportunity for social interaction and development of skills.


Project Scope:



The project consists of the following six components:


1.     Replacement of the swimming pool and filter system;

2.     Installation of decking around the new pool;

3.     Renovation of the existing bathhouse/restrooms (changing rooms, restrooms);

4.     Replacement of the existing security fencing and lighting;

5.     Replacement of pavement (including walkways)and landscaping; and

6.     Addition of a canopy and picnic tables.


The Committee planned to replace the community swimming pool with a slighter smaller pool.  The new pool of 50’ X 75’ will include a pool support area with 12’ perimeter decking for lifeguard chairs, instructors and guest seating. 




In addition, the bathhouse/restrooms required renovation to meet ADA requirements and building standards.  The replacement of electrical and plumbing fixtures is necessary.  The building would be rehabilitated as needed including fixing the floor and painting.  Space would be included for a first aid station.  The structure itself is solid, however, it requires rehabilitation to meet current laws and cosmetic work to be presentable.


All new 6’ high security fencing and new lighting are proposed to replace the older fencing and now non-functioning lighting.  Night use pool perimeter lights and interior pool lights as well as security lighting are needed.


All existing pavement would be replaced as much of the pavement is broken or heaved.  As the pool to be constructed by the Town will be smaller, additional pavement will be needed within the pool’s current footprint.  Access and walkways will meet ADA requirements. 


To provide shelter and a rest/play area, a canopy and three picnic tables are included in the project. 



Project Budget:


The actual swimming pool construction, including filter system, has been quoted as $300,000.  All groundwork, electrical and plumbing is estimated at $33,000.  The decking around the pool is estimated at $17,000.  The essential components of the pool project which include the renovations to the bathhouse/restrooms; security fencing; outside lighting; paving and landscaping; and outside canopy/picnic tables are estimated at $50,000.  The total budget is $400,000.


In addition, there is an Option or Phase II for a Party/Activity Room including a snack bar and Recreational space.  If we raise enough funds, we will complete this option with the project.  If not, it will be done in the future.  We would plan for it now so that space is allocated appropriately.   There will also be an Option or Phase II for a Splash Area or Wading Area.


Specifics are listed below:


1.  50’ X 75’ pool:  $ 333,000

Commercial pool, rectangular in shape, at its widest point will have a maximum width of 50’ and a maximum length at the longest point of 75’.  Depth will range from 3’6” to 8’6”.


Pool includes the following details and/or upgrades:

Gunite; frost proof tile/stone 6” at water line; white plaster interior finish; 6 main drains; 8 skimmers; 0” entry; ADA ramp; ADA accessibility chair; 4 steps; 4 commercial handrails; 4 sand filters with manifold assemblies and manifold supports with appropriate pumps; Automatic Water Leveler; Ionization system; 4 sets of in-wall steps with grab rails; Auto Aqua King automatic vacuum; Loop Loc Cover (swimming pool cover); 2 poles; Shepard Crook; 2 Rope float kits; Depth markers in the tile at the water line and in the coping stones; design time; registration with the State; and other necessary components.


This figure includes the excavation of the old pool and sufficient earthwork prior to a new pool being poured; required electrical and required plumbing plus contingency.


2.  12’ decking around the exterior of the pool for parents, instructors and spectators:  $ 17,000


3.  Upgrading the Bathhouse/Restrooms, to include painting the interior, upgrading the plumbing, improving the interior lighting, repairing the floor, new doors, relocating the electrical service and other necessary improvements:  $ 14,000


4.  Security Fencing:  $ 8,500


5.  Outside Lighting:  $ 4,000


6.  Outside Canopy & 3 recycled plastic picnic tables

     3 at $830 each:  $ 2,490

     Canopy:  $ 900

      $     3,390


7.  Landscaping & Paving

     Paving: $19,100         

       Landscaping: $ 1,010

       $   20,110   


Total:  To not exceed $400,000


Project Timetable:


The project was phased to begin the Fall of 2007 with the demolition of the old pool.  The construction of the new pool will then begin.  The essential components such as the bathhouse/restrooms; installation of lighting and fencing; and paving will be undertaken through Community Volunteer Workdays with local contractors completing the finish work.  The Committee intends to have the new pool available for the Swimming Program next summer and the entire project completed by the Fall of 2008. 

Telephone: 487-5800