Pittsfield, Maine is a dynamic and flourishing community which is dedicated to the quality of life of its citizens. As a major employment center for the region, Pittsfield provides a diversity of employment opportunities to area residents. The Town has committed resources to education, infrastructure, economic development, cultural and recreational activities. With an average 16 minute commute time, local residents have time to enjoy the community's programs and activities.  It is easy to see why Pittsfield is well known as a family friendly community.


Centrally located along Interstate 95, Pittsfield is within easy access of major markets.  The Pittsfield Industrial Park is located adjacent to the Town’s I-95 interchange and is conveniently situated for transportation purposes.  The Pan Am Railway transects the Town with several industrial lots abutting the railroad.  The Pittsfield Municipal Airport, with a service area extending for a 20-mile radius, is attractive to business executives who travel frequently.  After being awarded over $2.5 million dollars in grant funding in 2003, a major upgrade to airport facilities was completed resulting in a brand new runway.  With many more upgrades, the facility hosts an expanded new apron for parking of airplanes and brand new paving of the taxiways.  Flying enthusiasts love this beautiful newly renovated airport. 


The Town is serviced by the Pittsfield Sewer and Water Departments.  Capacity expansion is available for both services.  The Sewer System is sized and licensed to handle an average 1.5 million gallons of wastewater per day.  The actual current usage averages 600,000 gallons per day.  Recent improvements costing $1.5 million through loans and grants provided for a new water source, water main extensions and a replacement of the Town’s standpipe.  Three-phase power is available to the Pittsfield Industrial Park provided by Central Maine Power Company.  Community high-speed internet access is provided through several companies.


Business and Development History:

The Town has long been a commercial and industrial center in Central Maine.  Hosting over 200 local businesses, Pittsfield is a full-service community and provides all of the conveniences of a small city but within a beautiful country setting.  Pittsfield has always been a dynamic community in regard to economic development, especially in the industrial sector.  Pittsfield provides extensive manufacturing, medical and forest products jobs.  The Town is also focusing on the service and telecommunications-orientated economy.  The Town provides jobs for over half of its workforce along with jobs for many other communities.  An estimated 2600 people work in the Town.


Major Employers:

Pittsfield's largest employers (50+) employees include the following:

* Sebasticook Valley Hospital, employing 350

* SAD#53 employing 150

* C.M. Almy, church vestment manufacturing, 78

* Cianbro Corporation and Cianbro Fabrication and Coatings, employing 500 within Pittsfield and 4000 total

* Maine Central Institute, employing 110

* Argo Marketing Group, LLC., employing 135  

* Kleinschmidt Associates, employing 60

* Homestead Enterprises, employing 65

* Hancock Lumber, employing 54

* Walpole Woodworkers, Inc., employing 65

The Town is fortunate to have the Somerset Plaza.  The facility has been renovated over the last few years and now boosts over 200 employees in its many businesses.

Our strength lies in the diversity of business types and sizes,
our strong work ethic; entrepreneurial spirit
and can-do attitude.

Municipal Services:

Pittsfield has a Council-Manager form of government with a seven member Town Council.  The Town has 24 hour Police and Fire Departments.  The community is serviced by Ambulance facilities at Sebasticook Hospital.  The Town provides a full array of services including a Transfer Station, Recycling, Water, Sewer, Recreation, a Public Library, Public Works, Community Theatre, and Finance/Administration Offices.  Residents place a high importance on efficient and effective friendly municipal services.


Community Facilities:

The Town of Pittsfield has been provided with a gracious legacy of donated park and recreational facilities extensive for a community of its size.  The Town has 7 public parks including a 45 acre in-town park containing land on both sides of the Sebasticook River.  The Park hosts the Annual Central Maine Egg Festival and the Kiwanis Karnival, local favorites of the region which draw thousands of visitors to the Town.  The Town has a swimming pool and year-round community theater.  With many recreational pursuits such as The Pinnacle, a Skiing Facility with year round recreational trails, and flying at the Pittsfield Municipal Airport, recreation abounds in Pittsfield.  A planned expansion to the 9 hole J.W. Parks Golf Course is under consideration.  Volunteerism is alive and well through 23 service clubs/organizations in the community.  


Labor Information and Population:

Pittsfield has nearly 200 businesses with 10 businesses providing jobs for 50 or more employees.  Over 2000 Pittsfield residents are employed during the year with over 50% of the workforce employed in the Town.  The remainder of the workforce travels to jobs in other communities.  28% of the workforce is employed in manufacturing and 15% is employed in retail.  11% of the workforce is involved in construction while 29% is employed in professional and related services such as hospitals, health care and education.  2% of the Pittsfield workforce is engaged in agriculture.  The community and region has the capacity to provide an adequate source of labor for new business.


There's something special going on here and it's
only going to get better!


Public education is provided by School Administrative District #53 which also serves two other communities.  Three smaller schools providing a quality elementary education are operated by the District.  High school education is contracted to Maine Central Institute, a nationally-known private secondary school located in Pittsfield.  Residents identified the school system as an extremely high priority.  The Town’s vision states that “the school system will be a central focus of community life, closely tied with positive youth programs, life-long involvement in learning and civic affairs, and affirmative community values.”


Health Care Facilities:

Pittsfield is the home of the region’s Sebasticook Valley Health.   This non-profit community hospital provides a full range of surgical and outpatient services.  This newly expanded hospital operates a number of other services such as the STEP Center for Rehabilitation Services and Sebasticook Valley Work Health.  In addition, special care services of Acadia Hospital are housed at the hospital’s Professional Building.  The hospital’s medical staff exceeds 40 with the hospital employing 350 from the area.  The hospital continues to grow with many planned expansions and infrastructure enhancements underway.  Pittsfield is quickly becoming a full-service health provider with the number of other health service agencies opening in the community.  The Town hosts a variety of physicians, dentists and eye care offices as well as nursing homes and alternative care health facilities.  The opportunities for employment in health-related fields in the community are steadily increasing.


Quality of Life:

Pittsfield's unique and special quality of life is attributed to its people and their willingness to

take care of and invest in their community. This is evident from:

* Pittsfield's community attractiveness;

* The Town's energetic volunteer involvement;

* Pittsfield's extra level of support for education;

* Pittsfield's significant employment base, much of which is located in the Town, is due to corporate leadership's devotion to the community.

The mission of the Town is "to provide a safe, attractive and affordable community in which to live, learn, work and play."

For more information on Pittsfield opportunities contact:

Town Manager Jacob R. Gran
E-mail: townmanager@pittsfield.org
112 Somerset Avenue
Pittsfield, Maine 04967

Telephone: (207) 487-3136
Fax: (207) 487-3138